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Welcome on the site of SpringIP

SpringIP is an innovation consulting and development company.
The name is composed of the word spring and the characters I and P. The IP stands for Intellectual Property. The dutch word spring means jump. Real innovations often are bessed on an idea jump. 
SpringIP is working with innovative ideas of partners and from IDeeuwes.

SpringIP has a flat organisation structure and is flexibel in responding to opportunities and developments. It is through cooperation that good idea's can be devellopped into good projects with good results.

Innovation is very important for sustainability and good living conditions. Theo Eeuwes from SpringIP has been working with other companies and organizations on several innovation. A prominent and very successful project, "Energy-producing Greenhouse' from the organizations' Greenhouse as Energy Source' was realised on nursery Stef Huisman BV. See the 'projects' for more interesting SpringIP projects.

Theo Eeuwes